GMB is the only foundry in Germany and one of the few in Europe which manufactures custom-designed cast and finished AlNiCo magnets in a great variety of shapes and formats.

Manufacturing on the first production lines casting permanent Alnico magnets had already begun operations in the 1950s. Recently, since the 1st of April 2016 GMB is a subsidiary company of Nickelhütte Aue GmbH, a company which was founded in 1635 in the Ore Mountains region of Germany, and which has been doing business under the name of „GMB Deutsche Magnetwerke GmbH“ since the merger.

Due to technological developments in the last few years, we are now able to supply all commercially available AlNiCo qualities, from serial production to prototype creation. Our core products include individual magnets, shaped magnets, and specialized custom-designed magnets, which we can completely manufacture ourselves using our existing equipment (cylinders, cuboids, rings, specialized forms) as well as magnets which can be manufactured without specialized tooling using our existing equipment to reshape the magnets to the required dimensions.

Our company, which is certified in accordance with DIN EN ISO 9001 not only offers our customers production of individual magnets and sales of standard magnets, but also provides the service of special designs and custom engineering.

Calculating and manufacturing complete custom-designed magnets and measuring systems rounds off our product portfolio. Due to decades-long experience, GMB’s strengths lie in consultation, design, simulation, as well as research and development.

In order to remain consistently on the cutting edge and to provide our customers with the most innovative solutions beyond standard product portfolios, we are working more and more intensively with scientific institutions.

Using our experience to your advantage.

We are your partner for the manufacture of custom-designed magnets and magnetic systems.

Electricity supply for AlNico Production 1

unpolished AlNiCo-Magnets

Electricity supply for AlNico Production 2

Magnets are packed ready for shipment