of AlNiCo cast magnet manufacture

casting moulds 2

casting moulds (with burn-off)

Moulding shop / foundry

  • Shaping the moulds, stacking
  • Melting, tapping, casting, analysing
  • Removing the casting, after cooling separation from recyclable material
  • Cleaning and weighing of the recyclable material
  • Storing the material for subsequent utilization
  • Weighing the casting and making it available for the next processing stage
  • Creating batch documents for further processing stages (batch cards)

Thermomagnetic treatment division

  • Deburring the casting
  • Loading into the annealing box for heat treatment
  • Homogenization annealing
  • Magnetic field treatment
  • Tempering
  • Demagnetization

Look in the chamber furnace for homogenization annealing of the AlNiCo-castings

Equipping the magnetic field with AlNiCo-casting 2

 cylindrical grinding (Cooling lubricant ) of the AlNiCo-Magnets

stentering frame for the AlNiCo-magnets

Grinding shop

  • Centreless external cylindrical grinding for cylindrical products
  • Clamping into stentering frame
  • Two- or multi-sided (cuboid) surface grinding treatment on rotary table surface grinding machine

Measurement and output of magnetic values ​​and curves

Testing laboratory

  • Chemical, geometrical and magnetic inspections
  • Calculation of melting charge

Permagraph with magnets to measure

Division for sorting, magnetization, shipping

  • Visual inspection as per customer specifications
  • If required: magnetization / skin packaging
  • Bulk packaging for non-magnetic material

optical inspection of the magnets

skin packaging for magnetized magnets 2