Examples of use in selected industries

Mechanical engineering

  • Magnetic couplings and bearings
  • Transport systems
  • Unstacking systems for sheet metal

Chemical Industry

  • Physical water treatment plants

Stock management

  • Magnetic labels and transparent magnetic pockets

Medicine and laboratory technology

  • Magnetic mixers
  • NMR spectrometers

Office technology and the advertising industry

  • Organisational magnets
  • Printed magnetic sheets

Jewellery and the toy industry

  • Magnetic bracelets
  • Levitating tops


  • Permanently excited motors and generators
  • d’Arsonval galvanometers
  • Electricity meters
  • Earth leakage circuit breakers
  • Reed contact switches

Examples of use according to mode of action

Action of force on free-moving charge carriers

  • Sputtering plants
  • Electron beam focussing

Action of force on ferromagnetic parts

  • Capturing and filtering systems
  • Magnetic sheet fanners

Acoustic transformers

  • Loudspeakers
  • Microphone
  • Sound pick-ups for electric guitars

Sensor technology

  • Inductive sensors for speed measurement
  • Position sensors
  • Proximity switches

Magnetic brakes according to the hysteresis principle

  • Magnetic braking system meters
  • Magnetic thread brakes

Generation of magnetic fields in defined air gaps

  • Moving coil instruments
  • Precision weighing systems

Adhesion applications

  • Flat and rod grippers
  • Load magnets
  • Magnetic rollers
  • Clamping tables
  • Welding angles
  • Earth terminals
  • Door stay hinges for fire protection doors, electrically triggered